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Re: [paho-dev] Using GitHub for Paho components

A project can host a portion of their repositories on GitHub. These repositories have to be moved to the Eclipse organization on GitHub and be put under the management of the Eclipse webmaster.

Unfortunately, we do not support GitHub issues at this time; we would coordinate with the project to shut down GitHub issues in favour of Bugzilla.



On 29/08/14 02:51 PM, Ian Skerrett wrote:
I have cc Wayne Beaton since he might have an opinion of host part of a
project at github and part at eclipse.  I am pretty sure the github
components would need to use bugzilla and follow our IP process.

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I had a conversation with Nick Humfrey a week or two back about the
possibility of contributing his Ruby MQTT client to Paho.  His code is
hosted in github, and moving to Eclipse git, gerrit and bugzilla is
something of
a deterrent to him.

I notice that some Eclipse projects are entirely hosted at github. It
struck me
that being able to use github as the repository for Paho components that
wanted to use it could encourage more contributions.

- Could we have some Paho git repos at Eclipse and some on github?
- Would a github hosted component be able to use the github issue tracker
rather than bugzilla?  That is, could a github hosted component of Paho
in an entirely github way?

I realize I might have to address these questions to a different mailing
list :-)
Ian Craggs
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