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[paho-dev] standard Remote Services over Paho MQTT


First, congrats to the Paho team on releasing v1.0.

Earlier this year, ECF implemented a remote services provider [1], based upon the Paho 0.5.0 java client library...which at that time had to be embedded inside the provider bundle, because Paho 0.5.0 was a plain 'ol jar rather than an OSGi bundle.

Now that the Paho 0.9.0 Java client is available as an OSGi bundle (thanks!), we have moved over to the 0.9.0 mqttv3 bundle and successfully tested the provider using our remote services test suite.

What this means is that developers can create, test, debug, and deploy standard OSGi Remote Services (chapter 100 in enterprise spec), and then run them on MQTT, JMS, REST, or other/custom/private protocols. As per spec, they may even switch among protocols at runtime, if they so prefer, to meet application-specific security, interoperability, and/or bandwidth requirements/restrictions. Or they can develop and test on one protocol and switch to another protocol for deployment. All the while maintaining compliance with the OSGi Remote Services specification, and thereby being fully transport independent at the level of arbitrary OSGi services.

Another thing this means is that the remote services examples and tutorials [2] will run unmodified on this provider. We will be adding the use of this new provider to these examples and tutorials before release with ECF 3.9.0 in early August.



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