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[paho-dev] Getting started with Android and the Android Service


I’m trying to get the Android Service into my Android project. It is an standard Android Studio Android Project so it is using Gradle. The best solution would be if I could in some way get the jars into my project via Gradle (maven or Ivy). Does anyone know how to do that? 
I have found the MQTT-client here: but I can’t find the Android Service and I can’t seem to get the first one into Gradle anyway.

Next best solution would be to find a jar of the Android Service. I can use the mqtt-client jar from the link above but the Android Service is more difficult to get. I tried using the download-link on the page but that link is a tricky one since the link doesn’t really go anywhere but to the page itself. :)

So then I tried building the Android Service myself from source. Apart from the problem that I can’t open folders ending in .service in OSX (it is interpreted as some kind of system folder which can’t be opened) I can’t get it to compile. I did manage to get the MQTT-client-jar into the project and that resulted in fewer compilation errors but it still complains about not being able to find e.g. MqttPingSender. Anyone knows how to resolve those issues? 

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