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Re: [paho-dev] plan for java client?

On 5/2/2014 4:51 PM, Ian Craggs wrote:
I'm just trying to follow whatever build/naming/versioning conventions are the right ones for Eclipse - info seems to be scattered across a lot of web pages.

The primary one for EF projects is:

The OSGi semantic versioning one I give below is many the one above.   It's more recent, however, and strictly concerns OSGi bundles (as opposed to eclipse plugins...which are a type of OSGi bundle).  I would use it for reference.

The Export-Package is not versioned at the moment. 

I believe that's ok...not required to be there...but it is a good OSGi practice to provide package-level versions...but I wouldn't worry too much about it...because you are still pre-1.0.0.

There's a plugin.xml in the bundle that I'm building. 

I would try deleting it from the it doesn't look like you are using least in the jar that you've built over the past few days.

And yes I moved the bundle version to 0.9.0 but that was because it seemed to make sense to follow the release number.

Generally, your bundle versions should *not* be the same as the release number.   The reason for this is that as per the Version_Numbering wiki page, changing the bundle's major or minor segment should be done when changes occur *inside the particular bundle).   For example, let's say that you add a class to an existing package.  This should mean that the bundle version minor segment will/should change...e.g. 0.5.1 -> 0.6.0.   This indicates to consumers that a non-breaking API change (addition of a new class in this case) has taken place for that bundle.  This is independent of what release version you are on...e.g. 0.9.0.

I believe people differ on what should happen with your 1.0.0 release.   I think it's reasonable...for your 1.0.0 release in particular (when you have it).  To move all your bundle level versions to 1.0.0 (unless they are already at or above 1.0)...because that's basically saying to your consumers that: 'here's a solid, non-incubation, 1.0.0 api'.  If I'm out of bounds here I trust that someone will jump on me about this...and it's admittedly been a while since ECF's 1.0 I may be wrong about this.  But you aren't to your 1.0 release yet anyway, so I wouldn't be too concerned about it for now...and you can get input from others before 1.0.0.

Will probably make sense when I've put all this together ...

One suggestion if you are using Eclipse...once you complete your that you have something to can use the API tools [1] to help you manage the bundle and API changes.  We find it helpful.



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