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Re: [paho-dev] plan for java client?


That is the intention yes, separate bundles. Speaking of which I merged a change earlier in the Java develop branch which is supposed to make an OSGi bundle of the client jar, it's not in a p2 repo but I'd be interested if you have any feedback on it.



On 01/04/14 18:32, Scott Lewis wrote:
Ok, thanks.   I've read it.

One clarifying question WRT by 2 your plan you have 'p2
repository and Eclipse IDE view' in your deliverables for 0.9.0.    To
me, this implies that the Paho java client will be built and distributed
as a fairly small set of OSGi bundles (e.g. one for the API, another for
UI, etc).   I would like to make sure that this is actually
intended...i.e. OSGi p2 Paho 0.9.0 release
artifacts...since that's the way that ECF would be best able to
consume/use Paho 0.9.0 for our RS provider.

Is that a correct interpretation of the plan?


On 4/1/2014 7:09 AM, Ian Craggs wrote:
Hi Scott,

sorry, I didn't spot your email.   The wiki page [1] is supposed to
point to the new release plan location here:

Actually, it does point there, but evidently not strongly enough! I
will fix...


On 03/27/2014 10:54 PM, Scott Lewis wrote:

Is there a release plan/schedule for Paho Java Client?   I've looked
at the wiki page [1], but that seems to end at 2Q 2013. I've looked
on other wiki pages and home page and can't tell the following:

1) What the next release version number will be (0.5.0? or
newer?...the last git tag created for repo [2] appears to be 0.4.0)
2) Whether the java client will be built/distributed as OSGi
bundle/Eclipse plugin (i.e. via p2 repo) or just a plain 'ol java
jar...or some mixture in next release
3) When the next release is planned for (e.g. Luna?)

Thanksinadvance for any info or pointers,



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