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Re: [paho-dev] Javascript client develop branch

I've just pushed a change to the develop branch so that process-resources is now the default goal. This produces the useable js output without installing all the node modules needed for testing.


On 23/10/13 21:35, Roger Light wrote:

There has been a request on irc - would it be possible to add a
default goal to help newcomers? So instead of having to type "mvn
compile" it's just "mvn".



On Mon, Sep 30, 2013 at 9:55 AM, Al Stockdill-Mander <asm@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
As Nick has mentioned, and people might have seen from bug 418081, there is
a develop branch for the Javascript client. There is no longer a directly
useable client in the git repository.
As I wanted to provide automated testing of the client I have replaced parts
of the client code with tags that are filled out by maven which produces two
output files. mqttws31.js which is the client code for running in a web
browser and mqttws31n.js which is a version of the client that can be run
under nodejs.

Running "mvn compile" will build these two ouput files and place them in
There is more detail about how the testing works (the same tests run under
node and in a browser),
and anyone interested in the build and automated test can follow the build
job here:

The built code from the develop branch is not currently put up anywhere for



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