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[paho-dev] Javascript client develop branch

As Nick has mentioned, and people might have seen from bug 418081, there is a develop branch for the _javascript_ client. There is no longer a directly useable client in the git repository.
As I wanted to provide automated testing of the client I have replaced parts of the client code with tags that are filled out by maven which produces two output files. mqttws31.js which is the client code for running in a web browser and mqttws31n.js which is a version of the client that can be run under nodejs.

Running "mvn compile" will build these two ouput files and place them in target/src/_javascript_.
There is more detail about how the testing works (the same tests run under node and in a browser),
and anyone interested in the build and automated test can follow the build job here:

The built code from the develop branch is not currently put up anywhere for download.



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