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[paho-dev] Paho plans

Hi Paho Folks,

I'm the project lead for ECF...the Eclipse Communication Framework [1]. We have a provider architecture, which allows various transports to be used to expose (e.g.) OSGi remote well as other APIs (presence/IM, filetransfer, asynch channels, etc).

I've been looking at using MQTT to create an ECF that currently there are client packages for different languages, and an application framework package, and sample and example applications.

To create a provider for clients, I believe the Java client package is the natural one to start. If this seems wrong for any reason please say so. Any specific docs, examples, etc...of using the Paho Java client package would be appreciated.

Eventually (not immediately), we/ECF would like to also look at creating an MQTT broker as well...for OSGi servers. I've seen some previous discussion about a Mosquito that project going to provide broker sw as bundles?...or is Paho the place to look for MQTT broker software?

One releng question: Does Paho produce p2 repos for releases...or integration/daily builds yet? If so, are those available somewhere?




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