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Re: [paho-dev] Paho plans

Hi Roger,

On 10/4/2013 3:20 PM, Roger Light wrote:
Hi Scott,

I suppose that this is more a question for Mosquitto than for Paho...but
since Mosquitto is a project proposal I suppose I should ask it here:   If
Mosquitto doesn't integrate with OSGi runtimes...or any
way...would it make sense to host the project at Eclipse?
A good question to raise. The Eclipse Foundation "About" page makes no
mention of Java or OSGi :) It does talk in terms of building
frameworks for building and maintaining software, but my impression is
that with the M2M side of thing the powers that be have a desire for a
broader approach on the technology front.

I'm not sure who you are referring to with the 'powers that be'. Could you explain?

I have no objection to using C as an implementation language...particularly as I imagine it could provide size and/or performance benefits. But it would be nice if it also ran on the EF runtime platform (OSGi framework) so that other EF projects could actually use it as a framework. Currently that's not possible...i.e. the vast majority of EF projects can't even use the framework. This severely limits the usefulness to other EF projects...which hopefully are at least a desired consumer of this work.

I'm not asking that the C implementation be at all abandoned...rather...why not do what SWT did...and provide a java API that uses the C implementation? Like I said, I would be willing to contribute to such an that other EF projects could actually consume/use this framework (ECF in my case, but I suspect that other projects could be interested also).

Note I'm not asking this for the IDE/tooling per se...rather ECF is a runtime project, and is primarily focused on supporting OSGi runtimes and standards (e.g. OSGi remote services). So this request isn't about the IDE...or even tooling more generally. A lot of work in the RT project at EF is focused on OSGi server development, and in the abstract M2M would be an ideal combination IMHO...lightweight brokers for modular, lightweight OSGi servers.

All I'm asking is that you look to other EF projects as a prospective community, and make it possible for them/us to consume this work. Not that the existing codebase be abandoned or rewritten.

I'm of the opinion that supporting other EF projects should be some sort of metric for all EF that we don't end up a loose collection of unrelated projects...with no/little relationship other than that we are hosted at that's just my opinion.


  It's without a doubt true
that a big part of how EF works is down to the IDE, and that feels a
bit odd when the C and Python that I'm interested do have nothing to
do with the IDE, but I think that's just one of those things. If it
genuinely was the opinion that it wouldn't make sense to host the
project at Eclipse, then fair enough, no hard feelings, but I don't
think that is the case. It just fits less under the IDE umbrella than
the M2M umbrella, which is by its nature a bit of a different beast.

Ponte and Paho (Java client notwithstanding; there are C, Lua, Python
and Javascript as well) are other projects that are non-OSGi/Java


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