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Re: [paho-dev] Paho plans

Hi Andy,

Thanks for the answers, some follow up questions below.

On 10/4/2013 11:24 AM, Andy Piper wrote:
Hi Scott

Thanks for joining the list. All good questions!

From an ECF perspective I would expect that the Paho Java client would be a natural place to start, too. It certainly fits in with the rest of the foundation technologies in ECF.

There is indeed a Mosquitto project proposal, which combines contributions from IBM's RSMB with Roger Light's mosquitto broker. Both of those are written in C for small embedded devices and can be compiled with footprints less than < 100k. I don't think there's currently any expectation that the new project would provide Java / OSGi-bundle servers.

I suppose that this is more a question for Mosquitto than for Paho...but since Mosquitto is a project proposal I suppose I should ask it here: If Mosquitto doesn't integrate with OSGi runtimes...or any way...would it make sense to host the project at Eclipse?

Also...I understand it's written in C...but couldn't a bundle/plugin be created for it to expose it's API in java as a OSGi bundle(s)/plugin (e.g. SWT)?

There has been repeated interest in an OSGi-based open source MQTT server (I think both Eurotech and IBM have an interest and experience here, but we have no implementation as part of the Paho or any other M2M IWG project right now, and I think many people would welcome that development.

Yeah...count me interested. I would be willing to donate some pf my effort to doing this (as a committer) if there are others (who are hopefully more familiar with mqtt server code) that would also be willing to do so.

We do have nightly builds of the Paho client in Maven - - but not a p2 repo AFAIK - Al may be able to share plans for how we formally move the builds into a more accessible format for you.

That would be very helpful for us...because like all other EF projects we are very used to consuming from other EF projects via p2/bundles. I noticed this morning from cloning the java client git repo that the existing codebase is not a valid plugin project...which does make it harder for us and other potential EF consumers to work with/develop to. If you would like help with the build/releng/tooling setup please let us/ECF know.


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