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Re: [paho-dev] Paho plans


I would suggest the Mosquitto project is the best place to ask questions
about an MQTT broker. I do hope that they will host different language
implementations, starting with C, but adding Java. However, that is up to
the Mosquitto committers. You might try adding a comment on their proposal

FWIW, we are now hosting non-OSGi/Java related projects are Eclipse, so I
think the current architecture of Mosquitto makes perfect sense.


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Hi Andy,

Thanks for the answers, some follow up questions below.

On 10/4/2013 11:24 AM, Andy Piper wrote:
> Hi Scott
> Thanks for joining the list. All good questions!
> From an ECF perspective I would expect that the Paho Java client would 
> be a natural place to start, too. It certainly fits in with the rest 
> of the foundation technologies in ECF.
> There is indeed a Mosquitto project proposal, which combines 
> contributions from IBM's RSMB with Roger Light's mosquitto broker.
> Both of those are written in C for small embedded devices and can be 
> compiled with footprints less than < 100k. I don't think there's 
> currently any expectation that the new project would provide Java / 
> OSGi-bundle servers.

I suppose that this is more a question for Mosquitto than for Paho...but 
since Mosquitto is a project proposal I suppose I should ask it here:   
If Mosquitto doesn't integrate with OSGi runtimes...or any
way...would it make sense to host the project at Eclipse?

Also...I understand it's written in C...but couldn't a bundle/plugin be
created for it to expose it's API in java as a OSGi bundle(s)/plugin (e.g.

> There has been repeated interest in an OSGi-based open source MQTT 
> server (I think both Eurotech and IBM have an interest and experience 
> here, but we have no implementation as part of the Paho or any other 
> M2M IWG project right now, and I think many people would welcome that 
> development.

Yeah...count me interested.   I would be willing to donate some pf my 
effort to doing this (as a committer) if there are others (who are 
hopefully more familiar with mqtt server code) that would also be 
willing to do so.

> We do have nightly builds of the Paho client in Maven - 
> - but 
> not a p2 repo AFAIK - Al may be able to share plans for how we 
> formally move the builds into a more accessible format for you.

That would be very helpful for us...because like all other EF projects 
we are very used to consuming from other EF projects via p2/bundles.   I 
noticed this morning from cloning the java client git repo that the 
existing codebase is not a valid plugin project...which does make it 
harder for us and other potential EF consumers to work with/develop to.  
If you would like help with the build/releng/tooling setup please let 
us/ECF know.


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