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[paho-dev] Fwd: [m2m-iwg] All-in-one Eclipse package for M2M

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De : Benjamin Cabé <bcabe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Objet : Rép : [m2m-iwg] All-in-one Eclipse package for M2M
Date : 28 août 2012 22:15:33 UTC+02:00
À : m2m Industry Working Group <m2m-iwg@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Répondre à : m2m Industry Working Group <m2m-iwg@xxxxxxxxxxx>


In order to capture the latest discussions regarding the creation of an M2M EPP package for Kepler, I have initiated [1] on the wiki.
Please feel free to add requirements, suggestions of components that we should try to include, ...


Le 20 août 2012 à 17:52, Benjamin Cabé <bcabe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> a écrit :


Now that Juno is out and that we are in the early days of Kepler, I would like to discuss the opportunity of delivering an M2M EPP package for Kepler.
EPP (Eclipse Packaing Project) packages are ready-to-use Eclipse distributions targeting a specific audience (e.g. Web developers, mobile developers, …). The most obvious way for someone to get one of these packages is to go the Downloads page of the website [1] (another useful page is [2] ; it lists the contents of all the available packages).

This EPP package would contain the following items:
  • OMA-DM simulator (Koneki)
  • Lua Development Tools (Koneki)
  • MQTT view (Paho)
  • Tooling for Mihini (Koneki)
  • Pre-packaged code examples?
  • M2M models tooling? (depending on what progress will be made on this front…)
  • Other eclipse plug-ins? (EGit comes to mind, especially since it is likely that some code examples might be available on Git repos)
Some of the required actions to make this happen:
  • Projects Koneki and Paho would need to release a 1.0 version before or together with Kepler (June 2013). Koneki will release a 1.0 for Kepler, I don't know the plans for Paho?..
  • There should be a common set of wizard categories, views categories, help table of content entries etc. for the different pieces, so as to get a smooth user experience (i.e. Every m2m plug-ins are accessible from a same location). It should not be a big deal but this needs to be discussed between Koneki and Paho teams.
  • The actual EPP package (basically an XML definition file) would need to be created and tested/maintained over the time. I am volunteering to do this.
What are your thoughts on this? Any ideas on other plug-ins that would be worth being included in that distribution?
Anyways, I suggest that we discuss this further during our call tomorrow.


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