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[paho-dev] MQTT Development/Test Utility - MqGnatt


I have a demonstration application ready to contribute to the Paho project, initially as sample/example code.  I am
proposing MqGnatt as a "concrete" application that demonstrates several key points:

#1 - Using the MQTTV3 Java code from Eclipse Paho running with the Mosquitto broker on the Eclipse server @

#2 - Setting up and using MQTT clients and servers to demonstrate many of the key concepts of MQTT for M2M and IoT.
#3 - Shows multiple (100's to 1000's) of MQTT clients running as individual threads thereby starting to show the scale of systems utilizing this infrastructure.
#4 - Was developed using Eclipse Juno Java IDE with SWT.

I will use the Eclipse Parallel IP path as a Contributor, submitting it via Bugzilla/IPzilla. I would like to maintain the source code in parallel via Github while completing the initial Eclipse IP review process.

Please see the attached preliminary manual for using MqGnatt. Any and all feedback is welcome :-)

Cheers, Arlen

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