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Re: [paho-dev] MQTT Development/Test Utility - MqGnatt

There is more example code (from the demo Wes did at EclipseCon) attached to bug #376348

No progress or comment from anyone other than myself since April. It would be good to get additional samples into the repository.

All of this brings us back to the discussion about how we organise the different language APIs and the samples for them. There are some samples included with the Java client already; the C client samples are (unless I've missed some commits) all included within the Doxygen docs rather than as source artefacts.

On Mon, Sep 3, 2012 at 8:39 AM, Arlen Nipper <arlen.nipper@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Scott,

Thanks for the feedback. I'll get started on these action items and let you know when I get it posted.

Cheers, Arlen

On 9/3/12 10:30 AM, Scott de Deugd wrote:
That tutorial looks very good Arlen. MqGnatt can provide a key "missing piece"  to get the concepts across while introducing the MQTT client and server.  The concepts of multiple brokers, and  "device client" vs an "application client", come across very well.

If you post back here on this mailing list after you submit your code via a Bugzilla report, I will go create the necessary IPZilla entry to get the Eclipse review started.  Also,  if you add a comment to that Bugzilla report answering the following questions, it will help move things along faster:

1.  Did you author 100% of the content you are contributing?
2.  Do you have the rights to contribute the content to Eclipse?

If the answer to those is yes, things should move right along. If you are dependent on non-Eclipse licensed source code, you should specifically call that out. Also, be sure you have the proper EPL licensing comments in.


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Date:        09/03/2012 10:05 AM
Subject:        [paho-dev] MQTT Development/Test Utility - MqGnatt
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I have a demonstration application ready to contribute to the Paho project, initially as sample/example code.  I am
proposing MqGnatt as a "concrete" application that demonstrates several key points:

#1 - Using the MQTTV3 Java code from Eclipse Paho running with the Mosquitto broker on the Eclipse server @

#2 - Setting up and using MQTT clients and servers to demonstrate many of the key concepts of MQTT for M2M and IoT.
#3 - Shows multiple (100's to 1000's) of MQTT clients running as individual threads thereby starting to show the scale of systems utilizing this infrastructure.
#4 - Was developed using Eclipse Juno Java IDE with SWT.

I will use the Eclipse Parallel IP path as a Contributor, submitting it via Bugzilla/IPzilla. I would like to maintain the source code in parallel via Github while completing the initial Eclipse IP review process.

Please see the attached preliminary manual for using MqGnatt. Any and all feedback is welcome :-)

Cheers, Arlen
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