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Re: [paho-dev] Incorporating MQTT Lua client library into Eclipse Paho / Koneki ?


Neil is, of course, correct on both counts.



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Subject: Re: [paho-dev] Incorporating MQTT Lua client library into Eclipse Paho / Koneki ?




After slipping into my IANAL trousers I'd like to make the following two points:


* As the author of the code you cannot be forced in the future to relicense it under EDL or any other licence. I believe that Mike and Ian are suggesting this as a course of action in order to allow compatibility with GPL, but you are in no way compelled to follow their suggestion.


* I believe that as a matter of policy the Eclipse Foundation will not *host* any code licensed under GPL or AGPL, even if it is dual licensed EPL. However they cannot prevent you from maintaining your own fork on GitHub under any licence you like.




On Friday, 13 April 2012 at 20:34, Andy Gelme wrote:

hi Ian,

On 2012-04-14 04:35 , Ian Skerrett wrote:

One of the reasons we see Paho being licensed under the BSD and EPL is to allow integration with GPL licensed applications.  We don't typically allow for a dual license of EPL and GPL or AGPL.  The BSD license we use is the EDL  Using the EDL dual-license provides the maximum interoperablity to other license environments.

I see that the EDL v1.0 is effectively the new BSD license (aka "revised" or "3-clause") with the organization name being the "Eclipse Foundation, Inc".  Which is a BSD license variant that is compatible with the GPL (unlike the old BSD license).

I didn't mean to suggest that the Eclipse Foundation would dual-license to include AGPLv3 ... but, rather I'd like to continue to offer my code (via GitHub) with the AGPLv3 license independently of what the Eclipse Foundation chooses to do with the code.

I hope this would be acceptable.

I would prefer (if possible) to know ahead of time whether you will or won't use the EDL for Paho, because Mike said "there is a _chance_".  I've read that the default for Eclipse Foundation projects is the EPL alone ... and that using the EDL for Eclipse Foundation projects requires the approval of the Eclipse Board of Directors.

I've also read the Licensing Example Code policy statement that indicates the use of EDL for example code ... "which is never part of the project implementation technology" ...

How about we move the details of this licensing discussion "off list" ... so that we don't bore everyone else to death.

And, then post the final outcome back "on list" ?

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