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Re: [paho-dev] Incorporating MQTT Lua client library into Eclipse Paho / Koneki ?


This is an excellent summary. It certainly appears that your code would be in good shape to bring to Eclipse. 

Paho is licensed under the Eclipse Public License. There is a _chance_ that in the future it may also be dual-licensed under both the EPL and the BSD. Are those licensing scenarios acceptable to you? 

Mike Milinkovich

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Subject: Re: [paho-dev] Incorporating MQTT Lua client library into Eclipse
 Paho / Koneki ?

hi Ian and AndyP,

On 2012-04-12 13:58, Ian Skerrett wrote:
> Can you talk a bit more about the code base.   Are you the original 
> author of the code and does it include third party libraries?

Yes, I am the original author of all the MQTT Lua client code base ...

I used the MQTT 3.1 specification as the guide for developing the code.  I aimed for an initial level of functionality similar to most of the existing MQTT client libraries.  However, I intend to implement the complete MQTT client-side specification in time.

Currently, the MQTT Lua client is released with an AGPLv3 license, but I'd be willing to re-license with something agreeable to the Eclipse Foundation.

I would be keen to continue to be the upstream maintainer of the MQTT Lua library and integrate any reasonable modifications as required by the Paho / Koneki projects, e.g LDT documentation, API improvements, complete client-side implementation.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

With the exception of the lapp.lua (command line parsing) third-party library ...

That code was written by Steve Donovan and has an MIT license.

Andy Piper mentioned that this code is already being reviewed in respect to Koneki.

On 3/28/2012 8:28 PM, Andy Piper wrote:

> 1. I think we'd need to think about the completeness of the MQTT v3.1 support currently in your bindings and see how quickly it could be brought up to par with the C and Java clients - just from the perspective of otherwise having to maintain some kind of feature matrix between the different clients.

I'm happy to undertake this effort promptly.

Having a consistent set of test cases that exercise the required MQTT
3.1 client requirements for all language bindings, e.g C, Java and Lua
... would be good.

> 2. From an Eclipse perspective - IANAL but my understanding is that we need to clarify that all contributions are written by the contributor, or get agreement from everyone else who might have contributed.

With the exception of lapp.lua ... the complete work in the MQTT Lua
client library is mine alone.

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