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Re: [p2-dev] 3.8 / Juno wishlist

Hi Meng, 

Start menu entries, desktop icon, registry keys, etc... whatever is required to perform a better integration of eclipse with the os. These are all things that we always wanted to see added to p2 but never got around to implement.
And yes, it looks like the bug you mention contains something of interest.... wonder how this got missed...

Also thanks for signing up on Director application to read the p2f file.


On 2011-09-21, at 1:57 AM, Mengxin Zhu wrote:

Hi Pascal,

You have an item named 'OS specific actions' in the plan. It mentions shortcut, what does it exactly mean? Is it related to create start menu entries and desktop icons reported by bug 241408[1]? If this functionality is required by community, Wind River could contribute it.


Mengxin Zhu
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