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Re: [p2-dev] 3.8 / Juno wishlist

Hi all, 

Juno wishlist seems really impressive - most of the topics there are interesting to me so I would be happy to work on it. 

I have some questions regarding this - do you have any idea how all these would be prioritized? What's the common way 
for collaboration in the community? Sorry for the stupid question but I lack the background you guys have and I would 
probably need some help and guidance if working on any of these topics.

Also there are some requests for enhancement regarding Virgo integration with p2: 
- bsn version support(,
- "region-aware" simple configurator(,
etc which are not presented in the list. 
Do you consider them falling into "Bugs" section or they are considered as non priority for Juno?  
The same question stands for extension points replacement (

Looking forward to working with you.

Kind regards,

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I just published a draft plan for Juno [1]. This is not a committed plan, but an invitation to contribute to p2. 
Please go ahead, review and ask questions. If you are interested in contributing to an item or you find an item is tailored for you (Thomas, Meng :)), please let us know on this channel.
Of course the list is not exhaustive and if you want to add items you are willing to work on contact us here too.

Thx for your interest,


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