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Re: [p2-dev] 3.8 / Juno wishlist

Hi all,

People from the Linux community have defined a simple text based format called CUDF to describe software dependency problems [1].

We already have the code to read/write that format in the tool p2cudf available in the incubator [2].

Having working with that format for one year and half, I consider it as a very simple and easy way to express test cases, because anybody can make sense of it, without knowledge of p2.

The current code is based on a simplified version of p2 from release 3.5. I do not think it would be that difficult to add support for CUDF input for p2 test cases.


Le 18 sept. 2011 à 03:23, Pascal Rapicault a écrit :

> Hello, 
> I just published a draft plan for Juno [1]. This is not a committed plan, but an invitation to contribute to p2. 
> Please go ahead, review and ask questions. If you are interested in contributing to an item or you find an item is tailored for you (Thomas, Meng :)), please let us know on this channel.
> Of course the list is not exhaustive and if you want to add items you are willing to work on contact us here too.
> Thx for your interest,
> PaScaL
> [1]
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