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Re: [p2-dev] System wide installations on Fedora

you should try to get rid of manual operations in the plug-ins directory (which makes it necessary to "reconcile" the installation metadata with the file system afterwards), but rather install the bundles properly with the director.
I am not an expert on shared installs though, so maybe someone else can give you more hints on how to do this exactly.

That was my first attempt. The problem is that rpm is not very cooperative here. It expects all files to be in their final destination when the rpm is built and the system expects the rpm to know about all the files it brings to the system.

This restriction means two things:

- First we cannot have the new files in a temporary location to act as the source for the p2director. We would have to install the files permanently somewhere then p2director would copy them to the proper directories and we end up with two sets of files on the system.

- The second issue is that if the p2director creates a bunch of files that the rpm does not know about they will not will not be uninstalled properly when the rpm is removed. Also the rpm verification system will not work properly.

After playing with that for a while it seemed that the reconciler would work very nicely with rpm.

Thanks for the feedback!


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