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Re: [p2-dev] System wide installations on Fedora

This sounds like a generally good idea, but you should try to get rid of manual operations in the plug-ins directory (which makes it necessary to "reconcile" the installation metadata with the file system afterwards), but rather install the bundles properly with the director.
I am not an expert on shared installs though, so maybe someone else can give you more hints on how to do this exactly.


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> Subject: [p2-dev] System wide installations on Fedora
> Hi,
> I recently started working on fixing the way we do system wide
> installations for Eclipse plugins in Fedora.
> We used to do this creating rpms which put the plugins artifacts in a
> dropins directory, and we relied on the dropins reconciler to see the
> new files in that directory and update et. al.
> With that approach the installation step is done as super user (root),
> and the artifacts are put into a system wide directory. The
> reconciliation step, on the other hand, happens as regular user the next
> time someone starts Eclipse. This leads the reconciler to place the
> updated meta data files in the user's home directory.
> This situation is problematic for several reasons:
> - Start up time is affected because the reconciler is run every time.
> - If there is a problem with a newly installed plugin all plugins in
>    dropins fail to boot.
> - Each user in the system ends up with a file
> The new approach I would like to try is to place the artifacts in the
> installation directory, parallel to the platform artifacts and run the
> reconciler during installation. This should presumably do the right
> thing and update the system wide et. al.
> I wrote this email to introduce myself, let you know what I am working
> on and see what your thoughts are on the fix described above.
> Thank you,
>    Sami
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