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[p2-dev] System wide installations on Fedora


I recently started working on fixing the way we do system wide installations for Eclipse plugins in Fedora.

We used to do this creating rpms which put the plugins artifacts in a dropins directory, and we relied on the dropins reconciler to see the new files in that directory and update et. al.

With that approach the installation step is done as super user (root), and the artifacts are put into a system wide directory. The reconciliation step, on the other hand, happens as regular user the next time someone starts Eclipse. This leads the reconciler to place the updated meta data files in the user's home directory.

This situation is problematic for several reasons:

- Start up time is affected because the reconciler is run every time.
- If there is a problem with a newly installed plugin all plugins in
  dropins fail to boot.
- Each user in the system ends up with a file

The new approach I would like to try is to place the artifacts in the installation directory, parallel to the platform artifacts and run the reconciler during installation. This should presumably do the right thing and update the system wide et. al.

I wrote this email to introduce myself, let you know what I am working on and see what your thoughts are on the fix described above.

Thank you,

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