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Re: [p2-dev] Releasing API changes

Hi Curtis,
I think PDE is doing a good job with the target platforms. As do p2 with the installs. But as long as the qualifiers keep changing even though the actual bundles do not, there will always be a significant (and for people like me, painful) overhead when using the N-builds. The only way to rectify that problem is to change the way the qualifiers are generated in N-builds.

Thomas Hallgren

On 03/01/2010 10:13 PM, Curtis Windatt wrote:
> In addition to the above, it would also help if it was easier to
> maintain a target platform containing the latest nightly. Today, that
> takes forever since most bundles change their qualifier on each build
> (downloading from to my location isn't exactly rapid). The
> same is true if I want to test the IDE using nightly builds.

There isn't much PDE can do to help here (at least for 3.6).  You can have a target definition that points at a local N build, and then run and update that N build when convenient.  Then reload the target platform from the preference page.

Another option would be to have a target that points at the N build repo.  Each time you wanted to update it you would have to open the target and edit the version it points to and let it resolve.

Having a remote target that can be updated (and where the downloads happen in the background) is definitely on the 'do want' list, but unfortunately won't be happening for 3.6.


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