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Re: [p2-dev] Releasing API changes

Hi DJ,
I have some suggestions that might make the process smoother.

On 03/01/2010 03:39 PM, DJ Houghton wrote:

In order to minimize breaking the build, here is a reminder of the steps that need to be taken:
1). Run all the tests. It only takes a couple of minutes and we should be running all our tests before every change anyway.

We have several p2 bundles dedicated to tests. Rather then clicking through them all and run their respective tests, I think it would be great if we had one central launcher that would indeed run them all. Perhaps we have that already and I just haven't found it yet? A single place for local properties would be good too (where to find a package zip etc.). Today, I need to tweak launcher properties to make some tests run.

2). Ensure that you have all our projects and dependent projects loaded. This includes all the p2 projects as well as the projects which are known to depend on us. (for instance PDE and Platform-UI, etc)

A psf file including everything that is expected to be in your workspace would be helpful. While it may be common knowledge within some groups of Eclipse, not all of us are aware of what goes beyond the "for instance ..." ;-)

In addition to the above, it would also help if it was easier to maintain a target platform containing the latest nightly. Today, that takes forever since most bundles change their qualifier on each build (downloading from eclipse.org to my location isn't exactly rapid). The same is true if I want to test the IDE using nightly builds.

- thomas