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Re: [p2-dev] Match/Context naming

One of the queries can be determined in isolation from the other candidates.
The other query can only be determined relative to all of the other candidates.
Both queries are computed by running some _expression_ and getting a boolean back that determines if there is match. (In my brain, boolean and match are the same).

The differentiating point is whether the other candidates need to be examined to determine the answer.
Or in other words, with the (previously called) context query, you can't examine the query and a single candidate in isolation and say whether there will be a match.

I don't know of any other words to say that, but that is how I think of it.

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On 02/24/2010 04:43 PM, Susan Franklin McCourt wrote:
> I have the same problem with BooleanQuery that you have with
> MatchQuery - both kinds of queries are boolean.
Are these boolean queries?

 collect(iu | iu.requiredCapabilities).flatten().unique()

> What about...
> IsolationQuery - the answer can be determined in isolation
What is in isolation from what else? This is a valid boolean query:

translations['foobar'] == 'some value'

where the translations is a managed property provided by the queryable.

> RelativeToCandidatesQuery - the answer depends on the candidates
> I realize that second name is too long, but I would know exactly what
> it meant.
I'm confused. What is it that is relative to what else?

- thomas

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