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Re: [p2-dev] A somewhat unusual request for errors

Hi Henrik,

If you find such a site on the internet please let me know.

We (ECF) now have the httpclient test server code in our junit plugin tests for file transfer...so if you wish you can work with us to customize that server to fail in certain ways. The relevant plugin projects are in /cvsroot/rt/org.eclipse.ecf/tests/bundles


Henrik Lindberg wrote:
I am working on improving error messages from exceptions during transfer, and I am looking for an easy way to test error message generation against real errors from a web site. Has anyone heard of a site that can be used for testing? - i.e. a site that is capable of returning all the error codes - i.e. I want to get a 500 on something like http://somewhere/500.html etc...

I tried googling, but got too much static...

Henrik Lindberg

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