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Re: [osgi-dev] Features TCK-Development

1.) The feature TCK can live directly in the main branch. Changes made by PR. Once the TCK is operational, we can include it in the main build. This is done by putting `${build}/cmpn.bnd` in the `-include` instruction of the TCK project's bnd.bnd file. Note: TCK projects _must_ have names starting with org.osgi.test.cases. Also note: that TCKs must be able to run using their project's `testOSGi` task and _also_ as packaged by the osgi.tck project into the osgi.tck.cmpn distribution. See for how the TCKs are executed in the CI build.
2.) We probably did not use mockito in the past (at the OSGi Alliance) since no one asked and/or the license. We can use mockito-core since it seems to have decent OSGi metadata. Remember that all test support code must be in valid bundles. And these bundles must be properly packages by the osgi.tck project. The best way to handle this would be to add mockito (and its bytebuddy dependency) to since everything in there is available at TCK compile and runtime and is packaged by osgi.tck.
3.) This will be a problem since the osgi-test project cannot make a final feature assert support jar until the feature spec is final. And the feature spec needs a TCK to go final. So chicken and egg. I think it may be too risky for the feature TCK to depend upon the osgi-test feature assert support in this first release. Some of the other osgi-test assert support was developed in osgi in TCKs before we separated it out into the osgi-test project. This may be the way forward for the first release of the feature TCK.

BJ Hargrave
Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM // office: +1 386 848 1781
OSGi Fellow and OSGi Specification Project lead // mobile: +1 386 848 3788
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Date: Wed, May 12, 2021 11:22
Hi everybody,

i have some questions about the TCK development process.

1. Where should the Feature-TCK live while development?
- As a Draft-PR in OSGi-Repo?

2. Are there any reasons why `Mockito` is never used in a OSGi-TCK?
- Could I add and use the dependency?

3. In parallel, I am creating an AssertJ for Features in `osgi-test` 
- Would it be an option to use this also in the Feature-TCK?
    (- Just if YES, should I develop it in the `osgi`repo together with
the TCK and then move it after a release of `org.osgi.util.feature` to

best regards
Stefan Bischof

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