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[orion-dev] Editor Build require stylers


I need a SQL editor on a web page and wanted to try eclipse Orion. I follow the instrucion provided on page:

I got the download in recent version 14.3.
I copy the sample and modify the "data-editor-lang"-attribute to "application_sql". The browser now tries to download file "/orion/editor/stylers/application_sql/syntax.js" and fails because your zip file does not server the stylers folder in an orion/editor" hierarchie. I extend the require call to also require "stylers/lib/syntax.js" and "stylers/application_sql/syntax.js".
Now everything works as expected.

Am I supposed to require every plugin myself or am I supposed to save my files under "orion/editor"?

Bernhard Döbler

There's another instruction I found via google:
I don't see it linked on page:
Where is a recent instruction that tells how I can embed the editor on my page?

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