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[orion-dev] We've moved to GitHub!

The move to Github has been completed!
See for all the gritty details.
Our code is now hosted in the following repositories: (brand new, still empty) (brand new, still empty)
Please update your repository information in your IDE to make sure you push and pull from the correct places.
A few important things to note / take care of:
1. to start committing in the new repositories, make sure your GitHub ID is set up in your Eclipse account. More information on doing this can be found on the wiki:
If you are an Orion committer and you find you cannot commit even with your ID set up properly, please let someone know! You can also open a community bug against the webmasters to make sure you are added to the Orion team (or just add a note to the bug mentioned above).
2. If you are the proud owner of a Gerrit contribution against any of the Orion projects, you are urged to re-submit the contribution as a pull request against the proper repo (mentioned above). If no action is taken within the next week (or so), old Gerrit contributions will be downloaded as patches, attached to the bugs they are for and the Gerrit will be abandoned.
3. The old repositories are set to read-only as of this message. What this means is any commits to them will be rejected, but you will still be able to read them. This is only a temporary state - within the coming weeks, they will all be removed completely.
4. We will continue to use Bugzilla as we always have.
We are still in the process of getting all the wiki pages, doc, readmes, etc edited, so if in the coming days you find some bad information, please let us know.

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