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[orion-dev] `git log` behaviour in Orion...

Hi all,

As we continue to move the Node server forward, I'm seeing some
discrepancies in behaviour between the Node and Java servers as well
as functionality that is missing in both. Thus, I would like to gather
some feedback as to what people expect when they want to look at the
history of a file.

1. Git tracks renames via `git mv` or when it gets staged and
internally concludes that it's a rename. Git supports this via the
`--follow` flag. When you look at the history of a follow, do you care
about renames?

2. I haven't been able to find conclusive evidence about readding
files. However, even if it is supported this is definitely not the
default behaviour. Consider a file that was created and deleted at the
beginning of history and then a new version made five years later
after 10,000 commits. Do you really care about that original file that
was made five years later?

If this tracking support is available, you would have to always search
up to the beginning of history for every single file to consider the
possibility that it was previously deleted and "recently" recreated.


With the command line, you are able to use flags to toggle the
behaviour of the command. However, in Orion, we usually have a generic
assumption of what should happen and don't always offer a way for the
user to customize the behaviour (as that would make the UI extremely

1. Should Orion try to track renames? If yes, should this be on by
default or toggled by the user?

2. Should Orion try to track readds? If yes, should this be on by
default or customized by the user?

Thank you for your feedback.


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