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Re: [orion-dev] Can Orion be less Eclipse

> From: "Max Rydahl Andersen" <manderse@xxxxxxxxxx>
> I know there are others that do get through the barrier of entry and get
> things done - but my experience is that
> it is only those that are truly persistent and already have eclipse IDE
> or eclipse project experience.
> In todays world - that is very limiting for an open source project.
> That got much longer than I wanted it to be - but you asked ;)
> Now I hope we can work together and remove some of these barriers so we
> don't see these repeated by other interested parties.

Thank you for pushing on these issues and providing all those details, Max. I think because of the background of many of the Orion contributors, we don't even notice some of these Eclipse assumptions in our development setup. I hope we can minimally get the Maven build into a state where it is trivial for anyone on any platform, using any dev tools, to build Orion.


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