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[orion-dev] Can Orion be less Eclipse


I have been interacting with a group of developers who are considering
to adopt and contribute to Orion. While talking with them I started to
realize the current structure of Orion is presenting an unnecessary
barrier for adoption for those who are not familiar with the Eclipse IDE

For instance, the client part of Orion is organized as OSGi bundles.
And these JS projects are built with maven/tycho which is not very
familiar to JS developers. I am not aware of any benefit for using
bundles for the client bits or organizing them as bundles. Is there a
good reason for continuing to do so? IMHO the client parts of Orion
should not have any Eclipseness in it and adopt more of node.js and
grunt practices.

The Java backend is also puzzling to even seasoned server side java
developers. There are servlets but it is all mixed up into OSGi and
moreover Eclipse plugin extensions. It can practically be only
run/developed on Eclipse IDE. And I suspect that Jetty is a hard to
replace part Orion Java backend. For me the lack of use of standards
such as JAX-RS on the Java backend, is puzzling. I think the future
development of the Java backend should be driven more towards Java
server standards so that it is familiar to a larger audience.

As an Eclipse developer, I do not recognize much of these (or similar 
ones I have omitted) but they do provide a barrier to newcomers.


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