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Re: [orion-dev] Graphical Editors

I have been working on [1] which is about adding support to plugin different editors on the right -hand side of the Orion edit.html page.  There is already some support in the latest code if you would like to try it out, but it is still in early stages. Take a look at the screen shots below.

The basic idea is to host an IFRAME in the right hand side and allow plugins to provide its contents.  This should allow graphical editors to be integrated with Orion. Currently, I am working on making the communication between the host page in the IFRAME content seamless.  There is quite a bit of work involving sharing the textmodel/undostack and handling commands/keybindings still to be done.



From:        sumit gupta <g.sumit@xxxxxxxxx>
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Date:        11/28/2013 08:22 AM
Subject:        Re: [orion-dev] Graphical Editors
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Oliver, thanks for the pointers. I was looking at mxgraph and like it quite a bit, except for the price :). jsplumb looks promising, so I'll play around with that for a bit. Please post if you create a github repository for your integration work, I would like to contribute.

On Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 5:58 AM, Oliver Kopp <> wrote:
Dear Sumit,

I'm also developing a graphical editor. Currently running standalone
only, but there are thoughts to integrate it in Orion.

As graphical framework, I'm using jsPlumb ( I also
had a look on D3JS ( and Raphael
(, but jsPlumb looked the most promising: Nodes
are made using html, only the connections are made using SVG. This is
IMHO way faster than doing everything in SVG.

For sure, there are also other frameworks:
 * Fixed graph nodes and connectors only: (equals
yahoo pipes),,,
 * (not for commercial use:,
 * (commercial only)
 * (no edges)

Even more alternatives are listed

All of them, however, don't seem to be integrated in Orion...


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