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Re: [orbit-dev] Going once? Going twice?

Before declaring stability, I think we should have a sign off from all the committers who have contributed a bundle (this way we will feel more like a real project <g>). What do you think?

David M Williams <david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx>
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02/08/2007 06:45 PM

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[orbit-dev] Going once? Going twice?

Thanks everyone for some last minute reviews and fixes today.

Unless I hear otherwise in the next few minutes, I'll copy this  build in committers area

to the downloads area, and we'll declare Success, er, I mean Stable.

I think we can just leave the directory and zip file "dated", instead of  renaming to "M1", unless
anyone objects. I know this may seem odd, but Orbit is kind of an odd project :)
That is, doesn't have quite the fanfare associated with milestones, and it's
milestone intervals are fairly arbitrary.

Thanks again,
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