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Re: [orbit-dev] Finding and Validating Import-Package(s)

The "New Project from existing JARs" wizard should be able to generate the import list as well.   There is an "Analyze dependencies..." button in the wizard (you need to check that).  Also on the Dependencies page i nthe manifest editor at the bottom left there is a link you can click to have PDE analyze the dependencies.

Interestingly though, I just tried both of those on several different JARs and did not get anything generated.  Seems like there is a bug somewhere there...


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01/22/2007 04:54 PM

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"Orbit Developer discussion" <orbit-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
[orbit-dev] Finding and Validating Import-Package(s)

Hi all,

I've been trying to validate "Import-Package"s in a few of the bundles in
Orbit to ensure we didn't accidentally miss a needed import.
In particular I think we should try to be good OSGi citizens and am looking
to catch non "java.*" packages from the VM so am using
So far, I've found a few misses primarily for xml packages like:

I suspect they're missing in other bundles too so it might be worth a look.

Note: Those packages "usually" come from the system bundle which is
dependent on the EE, so it might be a good idea to update your manifest to
have a 1.4 VM at the top, even if your bundle could conceivably be run on
Foundation 1.0 with separate XML bundles.


My real question is if there's a best practice here that we could put up on
the wiki..
e.g. What's the best way to find and validate your Import-Package statements
as doing it manually yourself is error-prone.
Is there a way to validate an exisiting bundle?
I tried the "create bundle from jar" wizard (analyze and add dependencies
checked ) from the latest IB however this added the "exports" but not the
"imports" to the manifest. Is this a bug or ...?


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