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[orbit-dev] New Development process and IP policy

Excuse the cross-post but this is news worth getting out...

After much work and discussion by the EMO (particularly Bjorn!) and the community the Eclipse Board this week approved the new Development Policy and a new IP policy.  While maintaining the spirit of Eclipse, both documents contain significant steps to make your lives easier and more productive.  In particular, some hightlights
- Explicit incubation phase for all new projects
- An identified set of "mentors" available to help new (and old) projects understand "the Eclipse way" at both a technical and community level
- A more rigorous review process designed to increase clarity and foster higher quality and better chance of success
- A parellel IP review process for contribution questionnaires submitted by projects in incubation phase.  This allows you to remain innovative while maintaining the exceptionally high IP standards for which Eclipse is known.

Please take some time and read the documents for yourself and see ways in which these improvements can be applied in your projects.

Development process:
IP policy:


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