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Re: [orbit-dev] building orbit bundles

Ben Konrath wrote on 01/23/2007 11:06:46 AM:

> On Sat, 2007-01-20 at 21:07 -0500, Jeff McAffer wrote:
> > Ben Konrath wrote on 01/20/2007 02:55:39 PM:
> > > No, there's no way generate the build scripts with "src" plugins so
> > > we can't build it.  
> >
> > I'm not sure what you mean here.  If you get a source jar from someone
> > do you want to "build" it too?  
> Yeah, for bundles that don't ship as part of the Eclipse SDK it would be
> nice to have a way to create binary bundles from source bundles. Right
> now we have a crazy hacked up set of releng scripts to build these
> plugins but we can't use the source bundles because they don't contain
> enough information to generate the build scripts. So we have to use cvs
> snapshot which becomes very annoying when developers don't tag cvs.

As a point of interest, do you see people in Eclipse who are not tagging in CVS?  All our builds are driven from map files that contain tags so all integration builds should have a corresponding set of tags.

> > I'm still not seeing the issue here.  Are you saying that the code
> > used to generate the build files to build ICU in fact uses ICU?  Do
> > you know where that dependency is coming from?  
> To build Eclipse you need the binary ICU bundles, and to build the ICU
> bundles you need Eclipse to generate the build files ... and that gives
> a cycle in the build dependency tree.

Right.  But do you know what part of the Eclipse used to generate the build files depends on ICU?  For example, if you took PDE Build and all its prerequisites, I suspect that ICU would not be in that list.  If it is, I am interested to know which bundle is responsible for pulling it in.

> We currently patch the ICU build with pre-generated build files but we
> managed to bootstrap our build tree so we'll probably start relying on
> our eclipse packages to build the ICU bundles. But to answer your
> question, yes, if ICU provided pre-generated build files, the problem
> would go away. What's the best way to pursue this? I suspect I should
> file a bug with the ICU team, but I also suspect that the bug will get
> ignored as per my past experience. But, c'est la vie :)

Yes, the ICU team is in the right position to supply the pregen'd build files.


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