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Re: [orbit-dev] Orbit Build process ready for review and contributions

 That is weird:

org.apache.lucene_1.4.3 (this one actually have no classes)

 I expected to see org.apache.lucene_1.9.1 too...
 Does anyone requested lucene 2.0 and/or Jakarta httpclient?

So, is it a final decision to not provide an update site for those bundles?

I still believe it was very bad idea to explode all the .class files into cvs. Orbit should use original jars as much as possible.


David M Williams wrote:
And that's two type of contributions: 1) new bundles, and 2) improvements (to scripts, download pages, etc).

I've written up information about the builds at

Please directly edit that wiki page if you see places it can be improved. No need to get my permission!

The builds themselves can be seen at

I've only just glanced at these results, so I am not at all sure if the bundles are as intended. Notice that this is the "committers" area, intended to be for committers working area builds. (Sort of like I-builds). Once it's felt bundles are "done" and ready for consumer's production builds, we can move these builds to the "downloads" area. (Jumping straight from Integration, to Released,
I'm proposing).

Bundle "owners" should soon check if the bundle is being jarred or not as desired.
I mostly guessed at the feature.xml setting that controls this.

I suggest specific bugs or feature enhancement requests be entered into Orbit's bugzilla system,
but general discussion on this list is great.

I personally don't plan any major enhancements to this current system (due to lack of time), but any one is welcome to contribute improvements! In particular, we should try to get the
Phoenix look and feel, if anyone knows how to do that.

Questions, discussions are most welcome.

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