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Re: [orbit-dev] N-builds and orbit bundles from branches?

Jeff McAffer wrote:
In this context it is simple downloading of built pieces using ftp, http, ... PDE build includes this in a getBaseComponents phase. You can implement a customTargets.xml that has that target and does whatever it wants to get all the bits against which you want to build. From there everything is the same as if you where building.
Does that mean using some ant scripts that PDE provide or generate under the hood? What if project is using custom build, maybe even not based on Ant? How that build supposed to get or package some particular Orbit bundle?
As for development in the workspace, you can of course check out the Orbit projects inot your workspace or add the built versions to your target.
Hmm. You mean that developer would need to manually download, unzip, etc those bundles? That seem quite error prone and also quite painful when you'll need to configure it on every developer's environment, unless I am missing something...


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