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Re: [orbit-dev] Ready for code?

Yes, Orbit is ready and some people have started putting things there.  See (and update)
In particular, there is a wiki link on the right.  The wiki includes informormation related to structuring, naming, versioning, ...

We have started using a particular approach that seems to work for the libs encountered so far.  Clearly this is going to evolve over time.  Lets discuss the issues in orbit-dev and then capture them in the wiki or website.

As for origins, yes traceability in this space is good.  The orbit contributions don't necessarily come from projects but from Orbit contirbutors/committers.  This information is captured by CVS when the code is committed.  The project usage information should be captured already by the IP process (IPzilla etc).  That will cover the initial contribution questionaire for any lib as welll as subsequent requests to use ti.  Perhaps we can point to or otherwise leverage that information rather than having to maintain a duplicate?  


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10/08/2006 06:40 AM

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[orbit-dev] Ready for code?

I'll probably start moving some of our WTP 3rd party content to orbit soon, over next 6 weeks or so,  ... and have a few suggestions or questions.

How do we, as orbit, track where the 3rd party content comes from ... that is, where from within Eclipse ... since all content must have
had some IP process for some other Eclipse project(s) then seems it'd be best to have a central Orbit document that lists where
stuff comes from ... just in case anyone wants to check up on us :)

For example, we in WTP have an IP Log (does each project?)

I'd suggest we have an Orbit trace-back log which simply "points to" the original Eclipse Project's IP Log from which the item originally came.

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