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[orbit-dev] Versioning in Callisto?

I notice some of the existing projects in orbit are versioned with "Root_V2_3" (for example).

I suggest we use the convention of vYYYYMMDDZZZZ

For a couple of reasons.
If/when these CVS tags end up in bundle version number qualifiers, underscores are problematic.
(Impossible in a 3.1 base Eclipse ... which some people still use!  :)  but I happen to also know some
build and ant tasks use little heuristics, like "find last underscore", or similar, so, no need to break
them if there's no hard need).

I'm suggesting ZZZZ to signify UTC time ... we are "world wide" :) and while its extremely unlikely
these will be versioned frequently, its a good convention in general, when there's committers working
in different time zones, since the relative value is critical, and must always be monotonic.

If anyone wants the original version in there too, that's fine, but I suggest always at the end with a hyphen ...
vYYYYMMDDZZZZ-230 (for example).

And, just in case anyone was thinking we could only refer to the branch name in
map files or build scripts ... we always need to use _versions_ to be guaranteed reproducible.

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