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[orbit-dev] Ready for WTP contributions?

Here is my initial list of what I was expecting to contribute from WTP ... but I see commons_logging is in there already!?
With a slightly different name! I'm guessing we used the underscore since its often referred to as "commons-logging".

So, now we are faced with our first dilemma ... request an API breaking change for those who used it in Callisto?
(since bundle names are API) by being "pure" and change the name to match the packages? Is anyone using
the one named commons.logging in a release? If the latter, I guess we'll need to provide two, deprecating one.
Otherwise I suggest we change the name that's in there to match what was released in Callisto.

Is the commons.logging that's in there official? [That's partially why I was interested in a trace-back log ... wondering
who else got this approved, who else might be using it in a release].

org.apache.axis  (1.3.0)
org.apache.commons_logging (1.0.4)
org.apache.jakarta_log4j (1.2.8)
org.apache.wsil4j (1.0.0)
org.apache.xerces (2.8.0)
org.uddi4j (2.0.5)
org.wsdl4j (1.4.0)
org.apache.cactus (1.7.0)

We have a few other (back level) versions for a few of the above, but that list gives the idea.

org.apache.cactus one is "iffy" .. I'm not sure we can deliver as a pure bundle per se ... the way we use it is that the
jars it contains have to be copied to a server so they are available to the server.

org.apache.xerces is special, we may want to break that up into an "API" bundle and an "IMPL" bundle.
[hope that's not counted as derivative work :) ] The org.apache.xerces would be the impl one, for
backwards compatibility and it would "pre-req" the org.apache.xerces.api

org.apache.axis may be problematic ... it currently contains a number of "pre-req" jars too. I'll have
to do some homework on that one.

I assume the convention is the code ALWAYS goes in branches, per version number?
In WTP, we always had most recent in HEAD also. [not sure that they need to be in HEAD, just asking].

I will open bugzillas as I start the work, where I will document what I do. But thought I'd send this
note to dev list to get any general comments on the issues I raise.

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