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[openj9-dev] Focus areas for next release

The Eclipse Project Handbook suggests that as the project nears the completion of the v0.8.0 release, we should be planning the major focus areas for the next release:
The plan should lay out in broad terms what the goals are for the release. As plans are a valuable means for the community to get involved with your project, the plan should be created at the beginning of the release cycle. By establishing the plan early, you give prospective contributors help in determining how they can most usefully contribute, and adopters can prepare their own development schedule and themes. Plans can change during the release cycle.
This is an opportunity to highlight the areas that will be progressing over the next ~3 months given the intended quarterly release cycle.
Committers, please add a brief description of the areas you and/or your teams expect to be focusing on to  Please take the opportunity to highlight to the community what you're doing now, what you plan to be doing for the next release, and why this items are important for the future of OpenJ9.
Additionally, I've started experimenting with the Github project boards to track some of the focus areas - in particular NestMates, ConstantDynamic, & Container-aware JVM.  Experience so far shows these kanban-style boards provide a single place to track the status of large groups of related issues & pull requests.  Adding issues is more manual than I'd like but I've yet to find a better "at a glance" overview in github.  This is one option for tracking larger project areas.

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