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[openj9-dev] Rename runtimes/tr.source to runtimes/compiler

Hi everyone,

I wanted to give everyone a heads up on the impeding "Rename runtimes/tr.source to runtimes/compiler" ( PR that is in the final stages of review before being merged. I know many of us use a variety of IDEs / editors to navigate the codebase so you will need to change your include paths in your editors to rename the directory following the merge.

There is also some discussion on an issue related to the PR ( which discusses a potential next step, which is the folding of the "trj9" directory in the JIT compiler which currently serves no real purpose. The end goal is to make the OpenJ9 JIT repository structure more closely match that of OMR.

Hope everyone welcomes the change with open arms, and apologies in advance if this change causes merge conflicts on your active PRs / branches. If you have any questions / concerns please voice them on the PR itself or we can start a discussion on this email thread.


Filip Jeremic
Java JIT Compiler Developer
IBM Software Group8200 Warden Avenue
Phone:+1-905-413-2556Markham, ON L6G 1C7

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