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Re: [openadx] Capella and OpenADX


Nice to hear you also see interest!

To interface with requirement management system, there is the EPL "Requirements Viewpoint" add-on which adds ReqIF support to import your requirement inside the Capella workbench and to link them to any system element. You can then use the Contextual Explorer to control traceability links, and you can graphically show the linked requirements in any diagram. It is available here:  So, if your RM is compatible with ReqIF, you can have a try to see if it's work out-of-the-box.  There is also a commercial alternative to this solution thanks to an OSLC support which exposes Capella data though OSLC protocol to ease the integration directly in RM.

About Simulink, some users made this kind of integration but it was performed in-house. We (Obeo) made also some prototypes but it was just at the PoC state. There is also a public video of such Capella / Simulink integration made by another Eclipse project in the Eclipse Gemoc research community: There is also a study performed by the open source PooSL community (, with the contribution of TNO/ESI in NL) to bridge the PooSL simulator with Capella to validate system architecture constraints. So, yes it is feasible and it makes sense to provide a continuity from system design to simulation design, but today, this kind of bridge is not available in the Capella project and there is still work to do. Perhaps an opportunity to collaborate with you, as your inputs and contribution would be valuable ...

It would be great if Capella could be integrate in your blueprint. The Capella community made plenty of tutorial video to simplify the ramp-up. How do you do to perform such integration?


Etienne JULIOT
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Le 08/06/2020 à 12:28, Riexinger Andreas (CC/PRM-PE-ADDA) a écrit :

Hi Etienne,


sorry for the very late answer!


I am very sorry, I didn´t had the chance to look the webinar, till today, but now I did it … ;-)

I am with you, Capella can close the “Architecture definition” gap.


I learned, there is an interface to the requirements management, right? Which format should the requirements have and which exchange format is required?


I learned also, that you use Simulink models at the end, correct? How can we connect simulation models?


I guess, we should talk about, how to integrate Cappella into our blueprint (in a v-model as well ;-) ) and how it should interact with other development steps.


What do you think?




Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

Andreas Riexinger

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Hello OpenADX members,

I would like to share with you a video about autonomous driving made in the context of another Eclipse Foundation project: Eclipse Capella. It is a user feedback from CNXMotion about how they collaboratively develop motion control solutions for autonomous vehicle applications with Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE).

Here is the video of this webinar:

It would be nice if some OpenADX members would become interested to look at Capella to foster synergy between our Open Source projects and communities.

When I look at your challenges, it could fit at least some of your expectations for the Architecture definition step.


(for the last one about "connectivity", perhaps this Continental feedback for Capella usage in the connected car context could be useful:


Best Regards


Etienne JULIOT
Vice President
+33 2 51 13 55 94 | +33 6 86 78 14 82

7 Boulevard Ampère - Carquefou - France | twitter | linkedin

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