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[openadx] Capella and OpenADX

Hello OpenADX members,

I would like to share with you a video about autonomous driving made in the context of another Eclipse Foundation project: Eclipse Capella. It is a user feedback from CNXMotion about how they collaboratively develop motion control solutions for autonomous vehicle applications with Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE).

Here is the video of this webinar:

It would be nice if some OpenADX members would become interested to look at Capella to foster synergy between our Open Source projects and communities.

When I look at your challenges, it could fit at least some of your expectations for the Architecture definition step.

(for the last one about "connectivity", perhaps this Continental feedback for Capella usage in the connected car context could be useful:

Best Regards


Etienne JULIOT
Vice President
+33 2 51 13 55 94 | +33 6 86 78 14 82

7 Boulevard Ampère - Carquefou - France | twitter | linkedin

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