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[open-measured-data-wg] AC meeting minutes

Dear *,

please find attached the minutes of the last openMDM AC conference call.

So long,
Canoo Engineering AG            T: +41  61 228 94 44
Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Benzing   M: +49 177 501 49 68
Kirschgartenstrasse 5
CH-4051 Basel       andreas.benzing@xxxxxxxxx
Title: openMDM Architecture Committee Meeting Notes: 2017-03-31

1. Attendees

The following members were present

  • Andreas Benzing (Canoo Engineering AG)

  • Stefan Ebeling (BMW AG)

  • Sibylle Peter (Canoo Engineering AG)

  • Stefan Wartini (Müller-BBM VibroAkustik Systeme GmbH)

The following members were absent

  • Stefan Beese (Bertrandt Services GmbH)

  • Jan Blockx (Siemens AG)

  • Gerd Weckenmann (AUDI AG)

2. Topics

The implementation of the fulltext search, especially considering multiple data sources, is discussed. Stefan Ebeling (BMW AG) presents two approaches detailed in the attached presentation.

The AC unanimously accepts the recommendation to conduct the search in the adapter.

3. Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for April 28, 2017, 09:30 CET.

Attachment: openMDM-FullTextSearch.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document

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