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[oniro-wg-specification] Specification proposal: Oniro Compatibility

Title: Oniro Compatibility Specification

Description: This specification defines requirements a product must meet to be called Oniro-compatible. The specification will include subjects like hardware features, BSP implementation, communication protocols to access other Oniro devices, compatibility with other standards, and vendor's processes. The specification might define profiles for different device types.

Scope: In-scope: allowing a certification of an end-product working with other Oniro devices.

Initial team (ideas!): someone from marketing (Phil, Chiara?), Davide, Amit/Andrei, at least one person from hardware vendors eg. Seco (Ettore?), Esben (or someone else from the OH effort), someone from OpenAtom?, Andrea with his previous spec experience (if he has time), Marta

Your ideas/feedback is welcome!

Kind regards,

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