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[oniro-wg-specification] MoM Oniro Spec Committee Meeting 2022wk25

Dear Oniro ecosystem members,

## MoM Oniro WG Specification Committee 2022wk25

please find the Minutes of Meeting (MoM), approved today.


Please find on gitlab the approved minutes from previous meetings.


Please see that the last meeting minutes will be approved in the next session.

### MoM key points

This are the key points of the MoM

"### Jakarta as example for Oniro

postponed to next TBD

### First specification project: defining the subject.

#### Description

The goal is to guide the committers of the future first initial Specification 
Project in defining the subject so they can better describe the project 
proposal that will be submitted to EF.

We will:
* Define the subject list and prioritise it.
* For each highest priority subject, define the scope, stakeholders, involved.
* Who could be the initial spec project proposal writers and committers?

The expectation is to reach consensus on the above topics on the 2022wk27 
(July 5th) session

#### Discussion
* Marta did introduction on the specification process. 
* Andrea discussed the specification list and the need to sync with other 
working groups 
* Agustin explained possible methods to address the issue:
- via open specification mailing list
- Introduce this point in the All Member reps. section of the Oniro WG SC. 
- ask directly to dev mailing list, committers, ..

* Announce in the oniro-wg and oniro-dev mailing lists that this process will 
start and that it will take place in the oniro-wg specification mailing list. 
Call for subscribing to that list.
* Create a topics proposal template.
   * It will be worked out through the oniro-wg-spec-committee mailing list.
   * It will include:
      - scope
      - short description
      - objective
      - harmonization with current status of the project
* A message asking for input will be sent to the oniro-wg-specification 
mailing list.
* Schedule a meeting to support the asynchronous process so proposers can 
discuss their proposals and ideas.
   * A meeting will be scheduled the 29th of June at 14 hours

The expectation is to collect all the input on the above topics by the 
2022wk27 (July 5th) session

### Availability of the Committee Members on summer.

#### Description

Are the Oniro WG SpecC Members available during summer? If not, should we 
cancel any of the expected bi-weekly sessions? Which ones? 

#### Discussion

- Andrea will not available in August
- Marta will not be available in October
- Marta will ask Davide his Availability
- EF won't be available on week 28. In July the availability is reduced. 
Agustin will join in July.

### Resolutions

* Approved the MoM from 2022wk23 

#### AoB  (Open Floor)

* Agustin will confirm this week if the postponed topic today could be 
included in the agenda for the coming session."

Best Regards
Agustin Benito Bethencourt
Oniro Program Manager | Eclipse Foundation
Eclipse Foundation: The Community for Open Innovation and Collaboration

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