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Re: [oaw-wg] Milestone planning for Xpand and MWE

Hi Achim,

in the xtext team we made good experience with that approach. We're all eager to work on the stuff and usually we don't rely on "the team" but feel responsible. But it might be different in Xpand and MWE son I suggest that we discuss it in our next and first planning meeting.

I'll send around a suggested meeting date separately, in order to avoid that somebody overlooks it.


On Aug 10, 2009, at 6:46 PM, Achim Demelt wrote:


Planning and process sounds like a good idea to me. I'm not sure, though, if the "you see the TODOs and grab what you like"-part will work. As you said, both Xpand and MWE are mature projects with a diverse and distributed set of committers. If all bugs belong to "the team", then everybody will wait for
"the team" (meaning: some part thereof other than myself) to fix them.

I'd prefer to assign the bugs during the milestone planning meeting. If I commit to a task during the meeting, I'll do your best to really work on that

Sure, there'll always be cases where circumstances don't permit me to work on Xpand/MWE. I guess we all can live with that as long as I communicate that on
the dev list and move the bug to the next milestone.


On Monday 10 August 2009 16:03:58 Sven Efftinge wrote:
Hi all,

(I'm sending this to the oAW working group, because you might not yet
be subscribed to the EMFT-dev and M2T-dev mailing lists.
Please subscribe yourself to these developer mailing lists, if you're
not already subscribed there.)

I think you all agree with that there has been too little process for
the MWE and Xpand components during the last years.
So it's time to introduce some process. For that I'ld like to hold so
called milestone meetings. We have such meetings for Xtext and found
it very helpful. The main purpose is to review the last milestone and
identify bugzillas for the upcoming milestone (as described here .
For Xtext we hold it face-to-face, it lasts a whole day, and we always
have very deep going discussions. I don't think we can and need to do
that with Xpand and MWE, as the teams are not located at the same
place and these components are relatively mature.
So it would basically be a matter of going through the list of
bugzillas and discussing the priority of them via phone.

Between the milestones then everybody can see the TODOs and if you're
able to fix a bug or add a feature, all you need to do is assign the
bug to you, fix it, and close it.

Of course it is possible to change the target milestone property
between milestones. For instance when new bugs come in, which need to
be fixed ASAP. It will usually be vetoed by other committers if
there's a problem with that.

Any objections?


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